Sunday, February 25, 2018

Your premiere kitchen and bathroom remodeler in Fairfield and Westchester Counties!


Whether your remodeling project includes an entirely new kitchen or it means you’re updating kitchen cabinets for a more contemporary kitchen, Hallas offers full service kitchen remodeling: we take your ideas and build it—big or small! We build custom kitchens with an eye for detail and décor from installing new cabinets, granite counter tops, and modern kitchen sinks to adding a kitchen island to a small kitchen area that is both beautiful and functional.  Our most popular kitchen remodeling services include:


  • Remodeling to increase cooking space

  • Designing a country kitchen

  • Updating kitchen cabinets to give your cooking space a new and finished look

  • Adding a contemporary kitchen addition to meet the demands of your growing family

  • Installing the latest in modern granite countertops, sinks and islands

  • Building a custom kitchen with your design ideas and décor


Adding a custom kitchen can increase the value of your home for a small investment. Don’t know where to start? Our most popular kitchen designs can be adapted to include your décor preferences and simplify your workspace. Live in an urban area but have always dreamed of having a country kitchen? Love your kitchen overall, but hate the outdated kitchen sink? We do it all. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty in order to have a modern kitchen or an updated one that utilizes the space based on your lifestyle and needs: We’ll help you design and customize your new kitchen to achieve both!

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