Sunday, February 25, 2018

Custom Tailored Bathroom Redesign - Bathroom Renovation by Hallas Construction

Planning a bathroom starts with choosing fixtures that appeal to your personal taste, not just those that you need. Why? Bathroom design is especially challenging for homeowners and builders because oftentimes you’re restricted by the size of the room. However, we make it a priority to install the essential fixtures with design features tailored to your taste to bring out the best in your new bathroom.

For example, we consider how to use natural light to enhance the room, or, if that is not available, we can install frosted glass features to filter “borrowed” light into a modern bathroom. Choosing the right tile not only for its look but also for its long-term quality is critical to a contemporary bathroom. We will work within your budget. That might mean choosing less expensive field tile for the overall bathroom design while dressing it up with a more expensive decorative accent tile. Your decisions lead our craftsmanship in creating a bathroom remodel that transforms a small generic room into a private spa—a personalized space where you can relax and unwind.

So many bathroom ideas float around in the today’s remodeling world.Adding features like low-flow toilets, modern bathtubs and showers, useful storage spaces and managing privacy need to be considered. For most, the options can be overwhelming for homeowners. But we take the guesswork out of that. Adding a contemporary bathroom or transforming an outdated space into a modern bathroom should not be so difficult: we listen to your bathroom ideas and help you choose the best products and bathroom designs to fit your vision and your goals.

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