Sunday, February 25, 2018


Gain living space with a new basement for a fraction of the cost of other remodels


A basement addition or basement remodel is an economical way to increase the living space in your home. Adding a basement cost less than building nearly any addition. On a cost per square foot basis, basement cost run lower than other projects because typically excavation isn’t required. Remodeled basements make the perfect extra bedroom, home gym, man cave or recreational room.

We consider many key items before creating a basement design, namely we look at how to control moisture and drainage—as this issue must be completely eliminated. Many do-it-yourselfers overlook this critical aspect of a basement remodel at great cost. A finished basement needs more careful planning than you might think! Since basements typically house furnaces, hot water tanks and other equipment, our design and building team assesses the entire basement in order to create an ideal floor plan, which can hide equipment to give your finished basement a polished appeal. Lighting your basement is another important consideration. We look for opportunities to invite natural lighting in, such as installing windows in knee walls, including French doors or a sliding glass entranceway where the basement opens to a yard or courtyard to permit more natural light to enter the room. Floor finishing doesn’t need to be restricted once we have completely resolved the moisture concerns. Even if you’re dead-set on installing a wood floor in your finished basement, we can first lay a wood subfloor to prevent your primary flooring from touching the basement floor.

Basement finishing or remodeling is an efficient way to increase space in your home and add value to your property. It also adds years of enjoyment for you and your family. We would love to come out and hear your basement ideas, develop a basement remodel project with you and get started.

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