Sunday, February 25, 2018


Room Addition or Garage Addition, We are the practical professionals—

You’ve dreamed it; now let us build it! Hallas experts provide in-house drafting of plans or existing drawings and work with you to make your dream a reality. Whether you desire a room, house or garage addition, we will help you answer all the important questions before you completely commit to a large project. Questions such as, how long will I live here? Needs to be considered before making the investment—Hallas consultants will help you decide how to get the most benefit from building a house addition and if it will be worth the disruption, effort and costs.


How does building a room addition or garage addition, for example, add value to your home? Here at Hallas, we will help you measure added value versus cost: if the cost to build additions to your house is $50,000 and the value it adds to the property is only $25,000 then you’ll need to consider how to remodel your home for the most benefit: we’re here to help. We’ll take your dream and customize it to fit your budget.


We provide a checklist and timeline to meet our client’s expectations. This makes the process more straightforward, saving you time and money. The checklist also serves to keep costs within budget. Over the years, Hallas has earned a reputation of fairness and trust by maintaining excellent communication with homeowners. Our weekly updates keep homeowners informed, alerting them every step of the way as the project moves forward.


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